Weed Abatement

It's time to get your weed abatement done!

It's time to get your weed abatement done!


Make your home and property fire safe

Ventura County Fire Department's Fire Hazard Reduction Program 2018 Deadlines

  • Notices to Abate Fire Hazard are mailed to the property owner of record around April 20
  • Parcel inspections start the last week of May
  • The Annual Fire Hazard Clearance Deadline is Friday, June 1

Parcels not cleared by the deadline are subject to abatement by the Fire District with the contractor's cost and the current administrative fee. The 2018 administrative fee is $1,658. These fees are placed as a tax lien on the parcel. There are no fees assessed if you complete your required clearance.

Call West Winds Landscape to schedule your weed abatement service. Depending on your property's needs, we'll do tractor and/or hand work.

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